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Max Candy & International Team

I am a multi-award winning Erotic/Porn film producer/director and a generally curious soul.

Always loved capturing the beauty of a moment. I was 13 years old when I got my first gig as a Photojournalist for my hometown newspaper. Paid the princely sum of 5 bucks a picture, the die was cast for a lifetime in film and photography. 

It is now 25+ years, 137 countries, and many images later and I have come back to Canada.  

After hitting all those countries with a producer’s mindset, I learned a lot about what it takes to shoot in just about any environment imaginable, so I built production support services and model/location scouting into my business model.

Now with crew and production hubs scattered around the world, I have built a production model that allows for high-quality content creation for a variety of media distribution platforms: cable television, streaming services, and web.

We are pleased to offer Production Services, Consulting, Location Scouting and Logistical support services for adult filming in Canada, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Russia and the USA.

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